A VPN To Travel. Tips and Tricks To Make The Most of It

A VPN is a virtual private network (Virtual Private Network) that allows you to connect to the Internet through an external server with a high degree of encryption and security. This server can be located in your own country or in a foreign country and has many advantages when traveling. We list some of them.

Keep Your Connection Secure

If you connect to the Internet through a public WiFi network such as a cafeteria, a hotel, an airport or a train station, you run the risk that your connection will be exposed to the vulnerabilities of that network. There is no way to guarantee that the networks that you will find on your trip will be safe, but you can be sure that your VPN is. If you connect your phone or your laptop through a VPN, all content that comes out and enters your device will be encrypted and will be inaccessible to third parties even if it passes through vulnerable networks such as that cafeteria that has not even set a password to your WiFi.

Keep Your Personal Data Safe

If you connect to unsecured networks without using proper encryption, all the information you send and receive is fully exposed. Do you really want to leave data such as your first and last name, your personal photos, your work emails, or your campus passwords in the hands of strangers? It doesn’t seem like a good idea. Using a VPN will allow you to connect to the web in a 100% encrypted way and keep all the information that passes through your device safe. There is no need to jeopardize your data or those of family members or coworkers with whom you communicate.

Make Secure Payments

VPN encryption is especially useful when making online payments because your credit or debit card information is extremely sensitive and should always be protected. Sometimes it is inevitable that we need to make an online purchase or a bank transaction from an unsecured network: you may need to buy a last-minute ticket, book a hotel at the last minute or send a transfer to a family member while you are away. If the only networks that you have at your disposal are public or not very robust, a VPN is the best way to guarantee that all the information about your payments and transfers is encrypted and is completely inaccessible to possible hackers. You wouldn’t want to run out of credit on the card in the middle of your trip, right?

Avoid Blockages In Your Bank Account

But not only can a hacker disable your card while you’re away. Your own bank can also do it, although in this case it is for very different reasons. Many banks have a security device that can block account if it detects an unusual use in it, for example if its expenses are suddenly triggered or if you start using it from countries where you have never used them before. This device responds to an algorithm that tries to respond to the possible theft of keys and block accounts before they deplete their balance, but unfortunately, it is common that the device jumps during your own trips and that the ‘thief’ is you during your vacations, enjoying a foreign country and spending a little more. You can avoid this problem if you connect to your bank account from a VPN located in your home country, so your bank’s algorithm will not interpret your own operations as a hack.

Access Your Local Services

In the same way, accessing a VPN located in your country will allow you to continue accessing websites and services that are only available on it. Sometimes, if you are traveling, you may encounter some inconveniences when making an online procedure, access the university campus, or make purchases in online stores in your own country. The easiest way to ensure full access to these services is to keep your local IP through your trusted VPN so that you can go on a trip with the certainty that everything you need will remain at your fingertips, although you will be away for a few days.

Get Better Prices On Your Tickets

Finally, remember that a VPN can save you some money on tickets while traveling! The prices of plane, ship, or train tickets vary depending on the country from which they are purchased and the currency used for the transaction. The use of a VPN can allow you to access the prices that would correspond to you from your home country, even if you are temporarily traveling in another country whose currency is less strong or where prices are higher. Why pay one hundred euros more for a ticket that could cost you much less? It is no longer necessary for you to spend without need. Your VPN can help you get the best deals when traveling.

The Perfect Trip

A VPN will allow you to travel around your country or abroad without worrying about possible network vulnerabilities in hotels, coffee shops, airports, or stations. It will allow you to communicate securely and buy online without the risk of your accounts being intervened by hackers or blocked by your own bank. It will keep you 100% connected to your local services as if you had not left home, and will get you the best prices when buying tickets or making reservations. Not bad, right? The perfect trip starts with your VPN, and, for everything else, you just need to enjoy it.

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